2020: The Year We Will Never Forget

2020 was a year that none of us will ever forget for so many reasons. Amidst the noise of a global pandemic and so much unrest not just in our nation, but on a global scale, it seemed daunting at times to find the joy and hopeful expectation that would usually come so easily. I even say this with trepidation as throughout this last year, I’ve been extremely privileged to remain employed, housed, fed and happily married while watching and waiting, empathizing and grieving with those far (and near) whose lives were impacted and even crushed by terrible circumstances. Sometimes words on a page just seem so feeble when stacked against so much craziness.

But back to something positive… one of the most amazing and uplifting parts of 2020 was getting to be a part of so many beautiful ceremonies (80 to be precise). With constant changes in venues and guest lists due to ongoing COVID restrictions, I was happy to walk beside couples as they rethought how to celebrate their love and stories. Some postponed to 2021 and beyond. Some cancelled altogether. But for those who were able to have their ceremony, there was just something extra special about each one and all the thought and care that went into making the day happen. Couples got creative. Families pitched in to host small backyard get-togethers. Venues changed from chapels and wineries to hiking trails on Mount Rainier or the beaches of the Pacific Coast. At the end of the day, it was the unique love of each couple that stood out more than anything and was beautifully celebrated against the backdrop of so many uncertainties that 2020 threw at us all.

And in each ceremony, there I was, smiling, joyfully celebrating love stories, honoring amazing couples and frankly, just beyond grateful to be a part of it all. 2020 was a year that I will gladly never forget and I know these amazing couples [pictured above] would heartily and happily agree.

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