About Me

My name is John the Best Day Ever Officiant. The most significant and exciting decision a beautiful and loving couple can make together is to begin their life-long journey by saying “I do”. As an ordained minister, my greatest joy is to ensure that this most special decision is filled with all the peace, joy, laughter and love that every couple deserves and longs for on their best day ever. I have been an ordained minister for over five years (both through the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and Universal Life Church) and have performed over 200 beautiful wedding ceremonies on three different continents. My passion is to highlight the unique love and story that exists between every couple and then craft and perform a ceremony that honors, celebrates and blesses that union that only grows with time. As a couple, whether you prescribe to a specific faith or none at all, my approach is fun, joyful and personal to honor your partnership, tell your story and also, to center all who are present on your day to celebrate the gift of your love. As a couple, you are beautifully unique and deserve to have the kind of ceremony that truly honors your love and story. I would love to get to know you as a couple and would be honored to help make your “I DO” day truly the best day of your lives together!

I received my Pastoral License in 2011 through the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and worked as an Associate Pastor in Burbank, CA. While gaining experience officiating weddings, I also spoke regularly at church on Sundays and provided counseling for couples and individuals. In 2014, I became ordained and then set out to pastor my own church for three amazing years. People and using my gifts to serve, encourage and bless them are my true passion in life. My education and experience have trained and prepared me to make wedding ceremonies truly the best day ever for couples!

A little bit more about me. I was born and raised in Tacoma, WA. I left the northwest in 2002 to attend college and work in Los Angeles. It was there that I found my passion for making couples’ “I DO” day truly the best day ever. In December 2017, I finally made the decision to relocate back to the Pacific Northwest. When I’m not officiating weddings, I enjoy working my day job in sales and project management as well as playing/writing music (see below), tennis, cycling, reading and hanging out with my beautiful wife Missy and spoiling our two adorable pups: Sophie & Tobey

Also, here’s a shameless plug for one of my life’s biggest passions: music. Whether it was playing in symphony in my childhood, leading the band on Sundays at church, playing in cover bands in Los Angeles or just passing the time in my studio at home with the headphones on, making and enjoying music has always been one of my favorite things! Like any musician who works full time (and then some), I always have a handful of new projects on the back-burner. However, here are a few of my music projects that I’ve had lots of fun on over last couple years. Enjoy!