Services & Pricing

Every wedding ceremony is different because each couple is unique!

I have worked with all sorts of customers of all different ages and backgrounds ranging from complete strangers, close friends, church members and even family members. In every case I love highlighting and celebrating the unique story of the couples’ love and rallying everyone present to celebrate it! However, one constant remains: every couple deserves a ceremony that honors them, their unique love story and a best day ever kind of wedding!

With that being said, I offer all kinds of ceremonies with different kinds of content:

  • Christian Ceremonies
  • Agnostic Ceremonies
  • Spiritual Ceremonies
  • Traditional Ceremonies
  • Same Sex Ceremonies
  • Short Elopement Ceremonies
  • Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Within each ceremony I provide a variety of services that you can choose from once we find out what kind of ceremony you’re looking for. It is my job to work with you to facilitate a personalized ceremony that consists of special elements that may include:

  • Telling your personal love story
  • Vow & Ring Exchange Wording Templates
  • Invocations, Prayer & Blessings
  • First Communion
  • Unity Candle or Sand
  • Hand Fasting Ceremony
  • Special Song Elements (yes I am a musician too)

This is not a full list and I am always flexible to try and incorporate new elements that make your ceremony personalized and special!

  • For officiating Ceremonies, my price is $400

  • For being present at the rehearsal, my price is $200

  • For any travel beyond 1 hour from Tacoma, my price is $50 for every hour extra

  • For Premarital Counseling & Coaching Sessions, my price is $40 per hour

My rate for ceremonies includes not only being present the day of, but also, time spent beforehand working with the bride and groom on the ceremony, crafting a personalized ceremony, travel and handling/mailing in your Marriage License afterward. As always, I am willing to negotiate pricing given that every circumstance is is different and I’m here to serve!

For a full list of my services and pricing, please see the Best Day Ever Pricing.

Upon requesting my services and locking in a date, I will respond with an email with some great questions that help me get to know the couple and also, what kind of ceremony they want. If a couple wants to hire me as their officiant, I will set up at least one or two Skype meetings with the couple as we get to know each other and plan the ceremony together!

Here are some great questions a couple should ask while they’re planning their best day ever wedding:

  • If we could describe our ideal wedding day with one word, it would be __________”.

  • What do we want the feeling/vibe of our ceremony to be? (i.e. lighthearted, simple, traditional, spiritual, casual, etc)

  • Have we done any formal premarital counseling? Are there questions or concerns that we have that we need to talk about with somebody before our big day?

  • What do we want the next five years together after our wedding to look like? What do we envision together?